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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Eeyore or Tigger? and other odds and ends

I was driving to Atlanta and back today for work trying to make a financial dent. I've always got my best thinking done on a run like this where I am in the truck not hopping in and out like my M-F work. I had a lot ideas today, one of which is a little crazy but here it is.

I somehow came up with idea of being compared to cartoon characters. Crazy huh? But I believe there's something to be said for an off the wall idea. I realized that I had been acting like Winnie the Pooh's bud, Eeyore. Kinda of like "I'm just a donkey, pile more junk on me life, that's all I'm good for, woe is me"...weird I know and I'm basing all this off what I remember from the cartoon from MANY years ago.....Of course with that comparison comes this question: Who am I now? Remember Tigger? He bounced everywhere, was enthusiastic, took risks which sometimes didn't work out but he was happening to life, not vice versa. So now I know-Tigger is my new alter ego!

Who are you?

I also had a creative "firestorm" for lack of a better term. In the space of 15-20 minutes I had the inspiration for this post above, I laid out the framework for 2 songs(I've dabbled some before when running long haul but have never tried to pursue it) and a short speech for an event I'll be attending next Saturday.

I'm not sure where some of my brainstorms are coming from but its like my brain is in hyper drive the last few days. Is it the change in diet, activity level, or positive attitude? Does it matter?

No image shaping here: I also went to the grocery store for my wife this afternoon when I got back from Atlanta. She normally does the shopping but was feeling poorly and wasn't able to get everything yesterday. I came back with 3 wrong items which cost us $10 extra due to sales on the items I should have gotten. And as my wife correctly pointed out, after 21 years of marriage I should be able to remember what she normally buys. So just so you know, I'm still a dummy on some things. I can remember the settings on a machine I worked on in my pre-trucking days 15 years ago but can't remember simple things-how crazy is that?

No fitness activity today, saving up for in the morning when I'll hit the pool for laps before work.

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