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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Go, go, go

Today's quote: Procastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.-Unknown

Hit the road this morning and ran 3.25 miles before work. About the 2 mile mark I was wondering if I had bit off more than I could chew. I had to be at work by 7 which required leaving by 6:40. I couldn't take a shortcut-there wasn't one. So I bore down and focused on maintaining a good pace whether in my jogging 4 minutes or walking 1 minute(new strategy a friend recommended).

With the same friend's encouragement I became a distributor of Advocare products today(click link on top of right column). I started taking them myself Sunday and am already sold. The energy drink Spark is the best I've ever had in this way: I actually feel it work. I've tried rockstar, redbull, etc. But I've never been able to feel the energy, sharp focus, and readiness that this gives me IN 15 MINUTES.

I will be running in my first 5K race EVER on August 13th!

Well its been a full day til next time: "Act as if what you do makes a difference-it does".

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