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Monday, July 4, 2011

The running? man

So today I’m sitting watching TV and it hits me-here you are on your butt doing nothing again. It will be dark and you will be mad because you didn’t accomplish anything. So I got up and decided to go for a walk, then I said heck, I’ll try jogging- I’m 48, 6’3′ and weigh 285 and I ran 1 mile ONCE in high school and walked 2 miles a few months ago. So I start and I RAN(loose interpretation of the word RAN) 5 MILES!! Now to the untrained observer I may have looked like a fat guy staggering slowly down the road but who cares! I'm hyped that I survived that distance. Of course I also had to discover the joy of an ICE COLD bath when done!

And best of all: my son told me before I left "you can call me to come pick you up if you need me too". How's that for motivation?! I would have crawled back first! Not to mention he's 20 and probably couldn't handle what I did.

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