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Monday, July 4, 2011

The first 10 days

I decided on June 20th, 2011 to start the rest of my life. The part where I'm no longer passively waiting to die. The part where I pray for new paths in my life and then do what I can create them instead of waiting for it to fall in my lap.

Here's what all happened in the first 10 days(some by my action and some by ??)

1. I started exercising. A few tips from http://www.nerdfitness.com/ helped. I started slow(its tough after working over 12 hours in the Alabama/Florida heat). I did 5 minutes the first day. Then added at least a minute every day after. I will keep on until I do at least 30 minutes per day. I'm up to 15 right now.

2. I went to a tryout for the TV show Survivor. I haven't watched since I think the first or second year but hey, that doesn't mean I can't be on it. I actually got a laugh out of the film crew recording our one minute "why I should be on Survivor" video. So who knows? I might have a shot.

3. I got word to a presidential candidate I was interested in helping.(I am not going to use this blog for political reasons and don't intend do any political commentary here.) I received a message to email what I was interested in doing as they are looking for leaders in my state for the future. (Alabama is not an early state so nothing happens here until after Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, etc.)

4. A friend asked if I would like be involved in an online local talk radio show for our area. I had to decline FOR NOW due to a schedule conflict with my 60+ hour a week job.

5. Another friend saw me post about exercising on facebook and contacted me. He volunteered to mentor me through a nutrional program he sells to help people get in shape and to give me a great discount. I'm interested but want to see how I do first without supplements. I also can't justify to myself spending the $ when it can go towards debt.

6. I was invited to a meeting at a local restaurant by a friend.  A group of people meet every Monday night for conversation. They ask only that you invite people who can carry on a conversation with some intelligence. I met people from all ages, walks of life and occupations. They welcomed me and I had a great 2 hours discussing books, food, and life. I always enjoy talking to people who I know may be smarter than me, have more money, or more interesting life experiences but who aren't condescending.

7. Last but not least, I started this blog. The minutiae of getting the look right is a pain but its a great way to get some accountability if I have any readers keeping up with it...I guess they call them followers in the vernacular of the blogosphere but it seems weird to use that term...like a cult leader or something LOL.

It's like my pebble of action and attitude is starting a small avalanche of positive possibilities. WOW!

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