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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Live man walking

I went walking this morning. Why walk instead of jog? Well I kept up a good pace walking when my 5 mile "jog" the other day was a jog in form but not in speed at times. I have bad knees and back so I decided to walk until I'm in better shape to cut down on jarring those weak points. I also don't have any running shoes per se yet.

I did roughly 4 miles and worked up a good sweat. I wanted to cool off around the ball fields I was walking around but the city had removed the handles to the only faucets I could find outside the locked areas. I guess vandals are the reason. So I hit the cold tub when back home and have been fighting with setting up this blog's colors, fonts, and layouts ever since. ARGH!

Looks like I'm going to add "learn html" to my to-do list so I can create the vision in my head. I'm not having much luck with the pre-loaded idiot proof(yeah right) system.

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