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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Go figure! I just don't understand some people.


Today's quote: 
“Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it.” -unknown

First the good stuff:

I have discovered then when I DON'T run in the morning, my day does not go as well. I'm actually MORE tired by the end of my long day-I don't know the science or whatever that makes it true, I just have observed that it is. I know when I don't run I feel guilty, lazy, and get mad at myself for caving in. Maybe the anti-version of those feelings all being positive is the recipe for a better day.

More good news:

I am ordering my first Advocare order today. All other products were given to me by my friend who approached me about it after seeing my facebook posts about changing my life. I tell him he's like a drug pusher-gave me the free "product" now I am hooked :)
I was not interested at first but he asked for my mailing address and I gave it, then asked why? He says-I'm sending you a book-well he didn't send a book but he is helping me turn the pages to a new life. Just as I don't want this to be just another political blog(due to my tea party activities), I don't intend to turn my blog into just another product sales page, but I will mention news pertinent to revamping my life. If interested in Advocare then click on the link to the right that says "Get yours here".

Here's an observation I've made at my job when discussing my latest morning jog or other physical activity. Some people are supportive even while feeling like they should be more active themselves. They say things like: "that's great Don-keep it up man, I need to be doing that myself".

Others actually seem to resent what I'm doing and make comments like:
"You won't catch ME out there running before work-I get enough exercise here"-like I don't work as hard.
Or "Man are you crazy?! Why would you be out there jogging when you:
could get more sleep, work as hard as we do, yada yada."

Maybe they don't resent me but it sure seems like it at least a little. I can only guess its because I force them to examine themselves and due to their physical condition they don't like it. Hopefully I can inspire them if they are ever ready to make their own changes.

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